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We understand what yacht ownership means

Whether cruising around the world or sailing close to home, we are well-versed in the intricacies of protecting yachts and motor boats – regardless of size.  At Markham you can rest assured that the yacht insurance cover provided is exceptional and in the event of an insured claim, settlement will run smoothly, quickly and with a minimal level of fuss.

Advantages of Markham’s Yacht Insurance


All risk cover

The yacht policy provides broad cover for virtually all types of risks. Clients can be assured of the same high quality cover for yachts and motor boats of any size, from small boats to super-yachts.


Worldwide navigational limits

We insure pre-defined or worldwide navigational limits based on specific cruising plans.


High limits

Any yacht insurer needs to respond to changing insurance requirements. If clients need both high hull values and high Protection and Indemnity (P&I) limits, we can respond immediately.


Property cover

The comprehensive cover not only protects yachts in the event of a loss, but also provides covers such as tenders, fine art, personal property and furnishings at separate lower excesses.


Flexible excess options

We understand needs can change and that flexibility in cover is paramount. We can adjust excesses to suit a client’s risk appetite. Assuming more up-front risk may result in premium savings.


Temporary removal and storage

Terms are crafted to cover yacht’s masts, spars, sails, equipment, tenders, personal watercraft, outbound motors and contents against physical loss or damage while in temporary storage on land and in transit to or from the yacht.


Newly acquired yachts

Insureds can purchase yachts with confidence knowing their new yacht or tender will be covered up to 30 days from purchase.


Crew cover

Damages will be paid for which clients are legally liable to pay for injuries sustained by crew members while employed on their yacht.


Environmental damage protection

Expenses are reimbursed in relation to pollution and/or marine environmental damage caused by a covered occurrence, up to the Protection and the Indemnity limit on each policy.