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How to mitigate the risks your clients face online

As interconnectivity across the globe increases, so do the amount of people sharing information in real time. While this has clear benefits in bringing people together, it also constitutes a growing security threat where trivial social media posts reveal more and more...

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Yacht Insurance ready for the Summer

The summer months are fast approaching and it’s a good time to review any insurance needs that you or your clients may have for a yacht. There has been a number of articles in the press with regards to high claims within this sector and the impact that these will have...

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Caring, Protecting and Insuring Wine

Many of us enjoy our wines but it is essential that they are correctly stored in order to preserve both their quality, drinkability and subsequent value.  This is essential if your wine collection is an investment that you have it correctly valued and insured on a...

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Welcome Rocio

Rocio  joins Markham as an Accounts Assistant. With her Spanish background and multilingual ability she can assist our clients and brokers in a number of countries. She is also currently working towards her accountancy qualification. Rocio will be looking after all...

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Meet Joe White!

Joe works as a Private Client Account Executive who looks after our retail and private client accounts.  Joe has a Geography degree from Loughborough University and as a consequence is proud of his acquisition of a 3x3m plot on the moon, no doubt we will all be able...

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Protect your home over the colder months

The chances of burst pipes and water leaks increases after a cold snap due to the pipes freezing. A small pipe fracture can release thousands of gallons of water if left unnoticed, as a result this can result in enormous inconvenience. Leaks can cause immense damage...

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‘Tis the Season to Protect your Jewellery

The silly season is fast approaching with more jewellery sold at this time of year than any other. Now, however, is not the time to be silly with the care and insurance of your jewellery collection. As with most things precious to us, it's also important to look after...

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Meet Laura

To continue the profile of our staff members, this month it is Laura's turn! Most of you will have spoken to or met Laura over the past few years. She has been with Markham since 2013 and does an exceptional job of looking after our brokers and clients alike. Laura...

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Congratulations to Amanda!

Having over 20 years’ worth of experience in the insurance industry, with the last three and half years of my career being at Markham, I am thrilled to become the Head of the Private Client team. Sharing my knowledge and experience to excel into the new role. I really...

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