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The winter months are nearly here and it’s a good opportunity to make sure that your car is well looked after and ready for the harsher months ahead.

Most people rarely use their garage to park their car and it’s therefore more exposed to the elements and the increased wear and tear that your car is subjected to.

Here are some handy tips to keep your car in tip top condition:

  • Check your windscreen for chips

Changes in temperature may cause the small chip to get worse. Small chips can be fixed and more often than not, your no claims bonus will not be affected. Left too long however, you may need to replace your whole windscreen, which is far more hassle and cost.

  • Look at your tyres and see if they need to be replaced

Some drivers prefer to put winter tyres on their vehicles to ensure that they have the right traction for the colder months.

  • Emergency Supplies

Icy roads create hazardous conditions and unfortunately more accidents. It’s good practice to keep some emergency supplies, water, food and blankets in your car over the colder months so that you can keep warm if you break down or need to wait for emergency services to arrive.

  • General maintenance

Make sure you have a steady supply of windscreen wash for your car with added antifreeze. Clear any leaves that are trapped in the grills to avoid water pooling near or in the vents. Invest in upholstery covers to keep the mud at bay.

Don’t forget that high spec cars may need more attention than others and it’s advisable to have specialist car insurance for higher value vehicles.

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