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In this day and age, we track everything online and our routines rarely change. Whether it’s our daily run on an app, our online shopping delivery slot or the school run, we are all reasonably predictable and easy to track.

Savvy burglars will know this too and will take the time to watch people and their homes in order to determine when the best time is to target their victims.

As an example, online tracking systems that can be used for running compound the problem. If a profile is hacked, burglers can easily see how long you are out of the house, your regular runs and they then know when to target your home or worse, you when you are out for a run.

The best way in which to combat this is to change your routine and mix up your timetable as much as you can. Start to introduce more unpredictability into your day. Whilst this can’t be completely achieved as school schedules and working times largely dictate when you are away from the property, think about taking different routes to frequently visited places and also change your exercise regime so that you give anyone monitoring you pause to question their intel.

It’s also important to have the right cover on your insurance policy. Check that you have adequate cover for items on your person when you are out of the home and also ensure that you have the right storage for your high value items. Consider a professionally installed safe to keep your valuables for example.

You may also want to consider ensuring you have the necessary awareness and training on what to look out for when you are on your regular routine appointments or exercise regimes. Do you pass the same vehicle/s often, do you see the same people on your run, or do they appear on a different route? That may be something you should be concerned about.

We always say that prevention is better than cure and we can help you assist your clients in training and awareness advice as well as the correct level of insurance. Contact us today on 01223 200678 to find out more.