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Even in a digital world, business travel is as popular as ever. Business travel insurance has become as much part of a trip as the transport arrangements. Most travellers don’t realise the limitation of a standard business travel insurance policy and are therefore not fully insured for much more than lost luggage or flight delays.

As part of our risk series, we want to highlight how a comprehensive special risks insurance policy can do so much for a business traveller. This is especially important in riskier destinations, although, unfortunately, we have seen serious cases of ransom, extortion and terror attacks in what are considered safer travel destinations like France and the UK.

Our focus has always been on insurance, prevention and response in a special risk situation and our partners at Garda World mirror these sentiments. If travellers are going on a business trip and need specialised insurance, our insurance policy includes training to identify and avoid high risk situations before the trip and what they need to do if they find themselves in one. NYA Risk (part of the Garda World group) response teams are close at hand to negotiate in hostile situations if the need arises and is also included in the service we provide.

Garda World have just issued a newsletter that explains some protection they offer to business travellers. Our special risk insurance policy includes these benefits and should be part of every business trip. Don’t leave your employees or loved ones at risk while they are away from home with a policy that may not be as comprehensive than you think.

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