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Its holiday time and many clients are enjoying a very well deserved break, taking advantage of their Travel Insurance which is often included in their household policy.  There is nothing to worry about right ?
Unfortunately not, as under certain circumstances the travel insurance may become void and in some cases, will not even offer coverage in the first place, for instance –

  • Carrying out any sort of work, even unpaid or voluntary
  • Incidents caused by “excessive alcohol consumption
  • Tickets bought with air miles or other loyalty schemes
  • The disappearance of a loved one.

Markham Private Clients. are however,  able to offer some of the most comprehensive Travel Insurance under their range of Household policies. We have an experienced team of insurance professionals to guide you through the process. Some of the benefits we can offer under our travel cover as provided within the household policy wording, include** –

  • Cover for all family members including nanny and other domestic employees in permanent residence.
  • Extensive medical expenses
  • Cancellation and curtailment (including tickets purchased using loyalty schemes)
  • Disaster – costs of other similar accommodation if booked accommodation cannot be lived in.

       (because of a fire, flood earthquake or storm)

** subject to the terms, conditions and limits as per your policy wording.

Disappearance of a loved one is a very real risk facing many travellers today and perhaps a threat which may be wholly unaccounted for. Although not a cover available under standard travel insurance sections or stand alone products, Markham can offer an alternative solution under the new Private Client Crisis Solution –please look out for our forthcoming newsletter from Markham Special Risks.

To find out more on any of the available products or even for general advice and guidance, please  contact  the team at Markham who will be happy to help.

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