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The recent news that some for the larger underwriters are closing their doors to smaller brokers has left some businesses without the underwriting power and policy breadth that they have been used to.

While these consolidations are not uncommon, they do come at a time when the insurance market is as competitive as ever, and a wider product offering can go a long way to help brokers win business.

COVID, inflation rate increases and supply shortages driving up costs in construction mean that insurers are also having to increase policy premiums, compounding this problem.

We’d like to help our brokers and extend a hand to those who may need underwriting assistance in the wake of the news above. We have strong partnerships with underwriters and our own home insurance policy has been a welcome addition to our brokers in recent months.

We specialise in high net worth insurance risk as well as crisis insurance for a global market. Please get in touch with us today if you have any questions and please do pass this message onto other brokers who have been impacted by the consolidations mentioned above. We’re here to help.