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You may not be thinking about flooding in this heatwave, especially as there is talk of hosepipe bans if it continues in some parts of the country, but any large thunderstorms may result in a flash flood.

By their very nature, floods are quick to arrive offering little warning for homeowners and yet they can have a lasting impact on the state of the property and contents should the water permeate the home. This of course has major implications for the client.

Normally, flooding occurs with rivers overflowing their riverbanks and water runoff from residential areas.  Ordinarily, homeowners can anticipate rising water levels and take measures. For example, keeping sandbags at the doors of the property and moving contents to higher levels to at least keep their possessions protected.

The current weather we are experiencing is causing very dry ground, which is a perfect combination when talking about a flash flood as the ground is unable to absorb the excess water in such high volumes.

What can your clients do now to prepare their properties?

  • If your clients live near a river, then it’s advisable to check that they have adequate drainage surrounding the property.
  • Clients can sign up for flood alerts.
  • Investigate having a sump pump fitted into a basement.
  • Make sure that gutters and drains are free of leaves and other potential blockages so that any rain water can flow freely.
  • Act quickly. Should your client receive any warning, move as many items to higher ground, protecting any high value valuable objects and fine art.
  • Keep a list of emergency contact numbers close by.