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Obtaining a Party Wall insurance quote can be a real challenge to some. The underwriting relies heavily upon good quality technical information detailing the structural elements of the project. Unless the presentation is up to the required standard, there may well be delays and requests for additional information during the quotation process.

At Markham Brokers we aim to provide high levels of support to our broking partners.  We are able to advise on how to ensure the quotation process runs as smoothly as possible and the best terms can be achieved.   We would suggest adherence to the following when obtaining any quotes on party walls;

  • Ensure that the form is completed by someone with technical knowledge of the structural elements of the project – the architect, the structural engineer or similar. If the property owner tries to complete this form, they are likely to struggle with some of the technical questions
  • Ensure that all the questions on the proposal form are answered fully. Responses such as “refer to drawings” or “refer to engineer’s report” are not adequate. The purpose of the form is to summarise the technical information, not simply refer to it.
  • Be selective when deciding what technical documentation to submit with the proposal form. If we are overloaded with paperwork it can be challenging to isolate the relevant underwriting information. The key pieces of supporting documentation are a selection of drawings detailing the structural elements of the project, contractor produced method statements for any excavation/demolition/piling/underpinning works, details of the temporary works (for example, shoring and propping) and the geo-technical report (which details the ground conditions)

We hope you find this information useful.  If you would like any more advise or details of how to sign up to our Broker Portal, please contact us on:

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