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Markham has launched its own High Net Worth Motor offering which is designed to complement our Markham Private Client Household policy.

The policy will assist brokers with portfolio placement of HNW Motor and Household when required together.  However we are also able to provide HNW motor cover on a stand alone basis.

Some of the key benefits of the cover are highlighted below:

Comprehensive Motor cover

We appreciate clients have unique needs and lifestyles that demand comprehensive cover for cars anywhere within the geographical limits shown in their policy. Minimum value £30,000.

Agreed Value

The value of a vehicle is determined each year. We realise that nothing less is acceptable in the event of a claim. In fact, if a total loss occurs, we make certain that no adjustments are made for market depreciation.

Breakdown cover

Life doesn’t just happen in one place. You’ll have full UK and Continental European breakdown cover for any insured vehicle or vehicle an insured person is travelling in

New car replacement

If a vehicle is damaged beyond repair or stolen within two years of its purchase as new, clients can opt to receive the agreed value, replace it with a vehicle of the same year, make and model; or receive a new vehicle of the same make and like model – including hybrids and alternate fuel editions.

Foreign Travel

Cover can be provided for foreign travel for up to 90 days for any one trip

 Collector vehicles

Whether it’s a single collector car or a multi-million priced collection, clients benefit from exceptional cover and service. We work to address any exposures that may threaten the value of the collection and minimise cover gaps by packaging collector and regular-use vehicles on the same policy, making it easier to arrange and maintain insurance.

Original manufacturers’ parts

If repairs must be made, original manufacturers’ parts will be used whenever possible.

Choose your own repairer

Our clients can choose a repairer that’s suited to their clients’ needs and preferences.

Generous driving entitlement.

Anyone who does not reside with your client and is over the age of 30 is insured to drive the car.

Hire vehicle provision

Our clients have the benefit of up to £4,000 for a hire car of the clients choice following an accident.

In addition the policy provides a whole host of features not generally found within a standard insurance policy contract, providing superior protection for your client’s vehicle.

At Markham we aim to offer our brokers flexible Underwriting and quick speed of service.

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