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Spending so much time at home over the last year has allowed us all to appreciate our possessions and homes and enjoy them more.

It’s been no surprise that we have had an uptick in renovation insurance queries with all of us spending so much time at home, but it’s also been a fantastic opportunity for clients to dust off their collections and appreciate them more. From contemporary art works by Jeff Koons to Patek Philippe watches, we work with our brokers to insure them all.

Our favourite has been an extensive collection of red wine (who wouldn’t like a wine collection?) that we insured for a client last year, a collection of the finest Pinot Noir from the vineyards of Chambertin Grand Cru which Napoleon was known to drink.

When thinking about collections, depending on the type, it’s important to store them correctly. Fine wine for example, needs to be kept at a consistent temperature, turned  and of course insured at the right value.

Smaller collections, like watches, should be kept well secured in a safe when not being worn. There are a variety of safe solutions available and we are on hand for your clients to advice and recommend which safe is right for their collection.

Home security, is of course paramount if the collection is kept on the premises.

Contact your clients today to find out about their collections and let us know if we can help to insure them.