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Met Office warning of possible disruption due to snow and icy conditions from Wednesday 7th February through to Friday 9th February.

The areas affected will be Northern Scotland and the Highlands on Wednesday, with the weather system moving South and causing potential disruption across the North of England, Northern Ireland and North Wales later in the week.


It is anticipated that conditions during the daytime will not be cold enough for a prolonged period of time to have a significant impact on boiler and heating related issues and the weather system is expected to have eased by the weekend. Therefore, at this stage, we do not think that we are likely to see the impact experienced during the Big Freeze of December 2022 or The Beast From The East in 2018. The conditions are more likely to affect contractor mobility in servicing day to day home emergency claims and, in addition, there may be a small increase in flood exposure due to thaw conditions in areas already saturated by high rainfall.